ACRYLITE® for Roof Panels

When looking for solutions to add optimal light into a space, installing roof panels using ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet is the way to go. Acrylic is much tougher than glass and is easy to fabricate and form into a variety of shapes. If the acrylic breaks, the material will usually crack or fracture into large pieces with edges that are much less sharp than those of broken glass. In addition to its excellent impact strength, acrylic sheet of the same size and thickness is half the weight of glass for roof panels that are crystal-clear, long-lasting and easy to work with.

  • create a safer design using acrylic sheet as a replacement to glass
  • materials offer high light transmission rates
  • materials are easy to work with

Application stories

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A Car Wash with A View

Blue Sky Car Wash in Columbus, Ohio

An Outdoor Oasis Built to Inspire

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