ACRYLITE® block colorless 0F00 GT

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  • 92% Light Transmission
  • Transparent
  • UV Absorbent
  • High-gloss surface
  • Call for thicker or larger blocks
  • 30 year warranty against yellowing

Must have a dock & forklift to safely accept & unload product!

As low as $2,825.60 / sqft

From a thickness of 30mm onward, cast ACRYLITE® sheets are classed as blocks.They can be machined just like standard Acrylite®


In addition to the well-known and proven properties of ACRYLITE®, such as

  • excellent light transmission and brilliance.
  • extremely high weather resistance.
  • ease of fabrication.
  • high surface hardness.
  • low weight – half the weight of glass.
  • 11times the impact strength of glass.
  • 100% recyclability.


  • aquarium glazing such as cylinders, tunnels, flat and curved glazing supported on four and three sides. Larger sizes can be produced using butt joints.
  • swimming pool glazing.
  • architecture featuring light and water.
  • glazing of pressure equipment such as submersibles, and hyperbaric chambers for medical use.
  • artwork and decoration.
  • model-building and prototypes.
  • furniture construction.
  • illuminated signs.
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