CYROLON® Polycarbonate

Re-introducing, CYROLON®.

We are proud to announce that CYROLON® polycarbonate sheet is now part of our product portfolio. 

What Is Polycarbonate Sheet?

Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic sheet that offers customers the chance to express their freedom in building, designing, and creating projects. This transparent plastic sheet can reach up to 90% light transmission, depending on your thickness. Whether it is for an indoor or outdoor application, our CYROLON® polycarbonate products offer a wide range of properties and benefits to fit your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate?

There are many advantages of using polycarbonate plastic. It's 200 times tougher and half the weight of glass, showing incredible strength while being lightweight at the same time. It’s UV stability and high-temperature resistance allows the material to easily be fabricated, machined, and thermoformed. Our CYROLON® MR7 polycarbonate sheet has a seven-year warranty! It will not break, exhibit excessively increased haze, or yellow.

What Applications Is It Used In?

  • Outdoor signage, glazing, transportation shelters
  • Kiosks
  • Banks
  • Protective guards for shielding equipment
  • Safety security
  • Distancing applications

What Is The Difference Between Acrylic And Polycarbonate Sheet?


  • High clarity, 92% transmission for standard grades
  • Neutral color
  • Easy to cut with saws and lasers, rout, thermoform (drying not required), flame-polish, and cement
  • Available in impact-modified versions
  • Excellent weatherability
  • UL-94 “HB” flammability rating for all thicknesses
  • More rigid than polycarbonate


  • Good Clarity, up to 90% transmission for 3mm thickness, High strength for all grades
  • Light tint
  • Easy to machine, thermoform (drying typically required), and break bend
  • Enhanced weatherable versions available
  • UL-94 “V2” flammability rating for 4.5mm and 5.6mm thicknesses (“HB” rating for 3mm)
  • Good thermal resistance
  • More flexible than acrylic

Product Offering

Standard grade polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheet with UV-protecting mar-resistant coating on both sides

Polycarbonate sheet with UV-protecting cap layer on both sides

Sizes Available in:

Thickness: 3mm, 4.5mm, and 5.6mm
Sheet Sizes: 48"x96", 60"x96", 72"x96"