EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716


EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716 is a weather resistant and transparent co-extruded PMMA and PVDF film. It is designed to bring a state of the art UV protection and surface finish for thermoset materials such as High Pressure Laminates.

This film shows excellent performance in long term outdoor weathering without the risk of color change or yellowing.

The PMMA layer is based on a tailor made PMMA resin that provides excellent chemical adhesion to melamine resin while the PVDF top layer brings a high level of weatherability as well as a very good chemical resistance, anti-soiling, anti-fouling and easy to clean properties including graffiti.


Due to its very good chemical adhesion to melamine resin combined with its excellent UV and weather resistance, EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716 is suitable to be used as top layer on panels of exterior grade compact laminates.


The EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716 is directly applied during the manufacturing process of the panels. No additional equipment, process step or adhesive is necessary.

Standard process temperatures of 145°C to 155°C as well as standard process pressures of 70 to 100 bars are perfectly compatible with the integration of our films and the achievement of the proper chemical bonding.

Sales range

EUROPLEX® Film HC 99716 is delivered in standard rolls of 50μm thickness, 45μm PMMA layer and 5μm PVDF top layer and 1330mm width.

Tailor made rolls can be produced under prior commercial agreement.

Technical data

PropertiesTest methodUnitValue
Luminous transmittance D65 ISO 13468-2 % 93
UV transmittance (280 – 380 nm) DIN EN 410:2011 % < 2
Refractive Index ISO 489 % -
Haze ASTM D1003 % 7,3
Tensile stress at yield (y) ISO 527-3 MPa 42
Yield strain (εγ) ISO 527-3 % 6
Nominal strain at break (B) ISO 527-3 % ≥ 50
Glass transition temperature Tg (DSC) ISO 11357 ° C -
Accelerated weathering resistance ISO 4892-2 method A, cycle 1, 65% RH h 8000 No visible change
Specific gravity DIN 53479 g/cm³ 1,2
Surface tension (PVDF side) DIN 53364 mN/m 23