ACRYLITE® extruded clear 0A000 GT

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  • Tougher & Half the Weight of Glass
  • UV Absorbent
  • Crystal Clear
  • High-gloss Surface
  • Made in America
  • ICC Listed (AC16)
  • ACRYLITE® Premium (extruded) Material



Economical, provides tight thickness tolerance, high optical characteristics, and low stress levels

Will not deteriorate after many years of service because of the inherent stability of acrylic resins

Can be easily fabricated using our fabrication manuals

Popular applications include sneeze guard, distance applications, displays, shelving, furniture, shelf liners, desk protectors, garage door & storm replacement windows


Product Specifications

  • Available sheet sizes: 48” x 96” to 75" x 125"
  • Thicknesses: .060” (1.5mm) to .472” (12mm)
  • Masking: poly film & paper masking
  • Minimums apply
As low as $0.00 / sqft

Cutting Fees Apply


Learn more about the physical properties of ACRYLITE® premium acrylic sheet.

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