ACRYLITE® for Aquarium and Specialty Glazing

Insights into new dimensions.


No matter the application, ACRYLITE® block makes a powerful statement. Its undistorted view enhances a product or message without distracting from it. Crystal clear ACRYLITE® block has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is easy to work with, even in complex fabrications.

Deep sea pressures are no problem for ACRYLITE®. It has eleven times the impact strength of glass, whether deep below the sea or in hyperbaric chambers used for medical purposes on land.

This material is monolithic. It can be manufactured in large sizes to produce glazing for pressure equipment. The result is a homogenous block that is extremely stable, without joints or weak points.

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Product Specifications

Pure blocks of ACRYLITE® create very special touches even without being shaped. They catch the eye as architectural or artistic elements. Whether in transparent, translucent or fluorescent grades, the material’s brilliance and transparency always come to the fore. In its original form, ACRYLITE® is absolutely colorless. Combined with light and water, it enables the creation of unique objects that underline the flowing character of the element involved.

ACRYLITE® block material is available in the following sizes and thicknesses:

  • Standard sizes: 48” x 96”, 2m x 3m, 2m x 5m
    • Additional sizes upon request: 3.8m x 1.8m, 6m x 2.2m, 6m x 3m, 7.8m x 3m
  • Standard thicknesses: 1.181” – 5.118” (30 – 130mm)
    • Additional thicknesses upon request: 5.512” – 8.661” (140mm – 220mm)
  • Various size blocks are stocked in the US up to 5.118” (130mm) thick. Please check for current inventory.

The material is available in transparent, translucent or opaque colors. Satin surfaces can be provided on one or both sides. The material can also be supplied with special product properties such as higher chemical resistance, or UV transmission.

For detailed product information and easy online order please see here: ACRYLITE® Block


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Special Considerations

At half the weight of glass and with eleven times its impact strength, ACRYLITE® is the ideal material for withstanding high pressures. Another benefit is the material’s machining and fabrication behavior: it is tough during handling and installation, can be routed, drilled and sawed, as well as durably thermoformed. In addition, it is easy-to-care for and highly suitable for permanent use.

Use the following items to assist you with creating a new installation:

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