ACRYLITE® for Architecture

Your partner in innovation helping you design the future

ACRYLITE® products offer a wide range of acrylic panels and products to assist in addressing many of the priorities associated with the design and construction of buildings, interior spaces and outdoor areas.

For decades our sheet, rod and tube have offered the highest quality acrylic products and services to the interior design and architectural construction communities focusing on the design and construction of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, museums, event facilities, private residences, and more!

Our products encourages innovation. Whether your project is structural or decorative, indoors or out, on the ground or overhead, curved or straight, there is an ACRYLITE® product that will communicate your unique design vision.

Our company's products have a number of features that make them a preferred solution within the design community including their incredible ability to transmit light, the low structural weight, ease of fabrication, and exceptional weather-ability.


Roehm America LLC produces its acrylic monomer, polymer, and sheet in integrated manufacturing facilities in several locations across North America, helping to reduce the energy and CO2 impact involved in the transportation of its raw materials and finshed products.

Our product plants are ISO 14001 certified to meet strict standards of environmental responsibility.

LEED Certification

For those who are participating in a project to achieve LEED certification from the USGBC, potential LEED credits can be earned in various areas; especially the following:

LEED for Retail 
Environmental Quality (EQ) Credit 4: 
Low-Emitting Materials Option E. 

LEED for Furniture 
As a component for furniture or a shelving display our products comply with the credit requirements to obtain 1 point. 

LEED for New Construction 
Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 5.1 
Regional Materials-10 percent extracted, processed & manufactured regionally. 

LEED project sites within 500 miles 
of our Sanford, Maine or Osceola, Arkansas production facilities are applicable for most of our products. 

Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 2 
Utilizing ACRYLITE® Multi-Skin sheet contributes towards the building envelope requirements of ASRAE 90.1-2004 Section 5.

Roehm America LLC is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint!

We are listed on the SCS Global Services website as an environmentally friendly company. To learn more about our Recycled Content Certifications...

Technical Information

This table shows the most common flammability standards and where ACRYLITE® products stand.

Property/Test Method Thickness ACRYLITE® FF Sheet ACRYLITE® GP Sheet ACRYLITE® RESIST 45 Sheet ACRYLITE® RESIST 65 Sheet RESIST SG Sheet
Flame Spread Rating ASTM E-84 0.118" 175 140 NT NT NT
0.236" 115 105 NT NT NT
Flammability Rating UL 94 independent 94HB 94HB TBD 94HB 94HB
Building Code Classification -- CC2 CC2 CC2 CC2 CC2

Contribute to a Greener Environment

No matter which of our products you buy, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact.

Operating under the Guiding Principles of Responsible Care®, we strive to continuously improve our health, safety, and environmental performances. Our goal is to improve the environment by supplying sustainable and long-living acrylic products to the green building sector and to all other markets we serve.

Recycling ACRYLITE® Acrylic Products

Our acrylic products are one of the most readily recyclable plastics. Learn more about recycling ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet.

Health Compatibility

Roehm America LLC is one of the few manufacturers using only colorants that are free of heavy metals in its acrylic products and has done so since the 1980's. 

Our acrylic products are free of bisphenol A. Roehm America LLC does not add or use plasticizers in the production of our acrylic products. 

Our acrylic products do not contain components such as formaldehyde that can result in the release of harmful vapors or gases.

Our acrylic products do not contain paints or adhesives. 

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