ACRYLITE® for Design

Setting the scene for experiences and emotions.


ACRYLITE® creates high-class brand ambiances when creating store fronts or building tradeshow booths. Our product can enhance store designs and can help to develop corporate identities with different shapes and colors.

Since ACRYLITE® is easy to fabricate, it opens the door to inspiration and creativity. You can fabricate our product by laser-cutting, routing or sawing. Engravings on displays can add eye-catching touches that bring customers in.

Our variety of finishes offer the right choice for your needs and applications. The velvety surface of ACRYLITE® Satinice gives a frosted effect while the glossy surface of ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss provides a luminous depth effect. In addition there are many products with a scratch resistant coating which are especially useful for surfaces exposed to extra wear and tear.

Applications for ACRYLITE®

When it comes to retail displays, furniture, or exhibits you want to do more than just steal a glance...


ACRYLITE® can give displays an immediately recognizable structure and look. Our color range and surface options provide countless options for the retail environment.

Those properties include material with Impact-modifiers. It will not effect the superior optical clarity, but provides extended service life. Meet interior signage standards with our ADA compliant acrylic sheet. Make eye-catching P-O-P and store fixture displays with acrylic rod and tube. These popular products offer designers the flexibility to produce unique retail displays.


ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products provide decorative and practical elements for furniture and accessories. Our mar resistant acrylic sheet offers extended life for those pieces with high traffic areas. ACRYLITE® Satinice provides unique design elements. Partitions, shelving, and cabinet doors made of these products add stylish features to interior designs. If your office space calls for a more elegant white board, ACRYLITE® markerboards frameless design is discreet and modern. Acrylic weighs about half as much as glass, with eleven times its impact strength. It is also durable and easy to machine. ACRYLITE® can be cold-curved or thermoformed to provide effects and shapes that give free rein to the imagination. It is available in almost any color and meets the requirements for food-contact applications.


People from around the world come together, at trade shows and in shopping malls. New and attractive venues offer a novel experience to large numbers of people. Trade shows and stores provide what the internet cannot – atmosphere, emotion, class. A successful trade show appearance promotes a company’s image and boosts business. Designers who build exhibition booths translate a company’s brand and product image into a third dimension. They create pared-down, attention-grabbing pictures and catchy messages. They give presentations an immediately recognizable structure. They fashion shapes that become unmistakable brands. A material such as ACRYLITE® helps designers go above imaginative boundaries and strengthen a company’s identity. ACRYLITE® provides inspiration for innovative designs by producing exceptional acrylic products. Our material’s variety of colors and special properties, added to its ease of fabrication offer unlimited freedom of design. Our products give options for unique presentations by creating designs that stand out from the competition. ACRYLITE® is the right partner for creative professionals when it comes to meeting all the challenges of originality, expression, and showcasing quality.


Solid, homogenously colored high-gloss elements for furniture and interior design concepts

parapan linving room wall

The PARAPAN® philosophy is one of opulent minimalism. This concept focuses on elementary human needs for functional furniture with aesthetic appeal. PARAPAN® sets new standards for flexibility and surface gloss. Interior design with PARAPAN® offers rooms perfect harmony with individual requirements.

From classical furniture to stylish interiors in banks and offices or high-end flagship stores, PARAPAN® is the perfect choice for brilliant décors.

For detailed product information please visit our PARAPAN® website.

To shop PARAPAN® panels, contact our partner, ELEMENT Designs (for the Americas).


Luminous depth for distinctive designs


ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss is a co-extruded sheet with a super thin layer of color topped with crystal clear premium acrylic. This perfectly combined product provides the depth, luminosity and high-end gloss look at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions such as back-painted glass. As a co-extruded product the color is an inherent part of the acrylic and can withstand almost any fabrication method. This process creates a major advantage over other processes that call for additional coatings such as painting or laminating. Our sheet manufactured with this technique has excellent surface quality, thickness tolerance and has all the advantages of acrylic; lightweight, impact resistant, UV stable and weather resistant. ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss offers amazing versatility and unsurpassed depth for your most discriminating designs.

For detailed product information please see here: ACRYLITE® High-Gloss Acrylic Sheet

ACRYLITE® LED Light Guiding Edge Lit

ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit acrylic sheet - the transparent and brilliant solution for lighting design.

Ultra-thin panel lighting can be created by using this product. When LED strip modules are used at the edges of the sheet, the acrylic glows uniformly across its two perpendicular surfaces. The product is also available in a rod form. The special light-diffusing particles inside the material extract the light uniformly through the sheet and direct it toward the viewer. ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit is a transparent colorless material offered in various grades and thicknesses.

The typical setup consists of ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit illuminated with LED strip modules at one, two, or four sides. A transparent protection sheet can be used to protect the poster and light guide. A secondary diffuser can be used to improve the light scattering in certain applications.

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