ACRYLITE® for Greenhouses

As the world leader in acrylic technology, ACRYLITE® multi-skin and wave profile products have consistently outperformed other greenhouse materials in commercial, institutional, research and retail greenhouse facilities throughout the world.

Greenhouse panels made of acrylic boast three key features that outpace other greenhouse glazing materials:

acrylite greenhouse

Acrylic greenhouse panels diffuse up to 91% of the photosynthetically active range (PAR) into the greenhouse. The exceptional clarity of clear acrylic greenhouse panels provides the most natural growing conditions. Best growth response and shorter maturity time provide economic advantages. That helps you grow your profits.

Compared to conventional greenhouse plastics, the acrylic transmits 20% more light. This is a distinct advantage, particularly in the winter months. Furthermore, acrylic keeps its light transmission and clarity for decades. Even after 10 years of use, acrylic glazing transmits more light than brand new polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

The ribbed design of acrylic greenhouse double-wall panels diffuses light over the crop canopy. This leads to eliminating harsh ‘hot spots’ associated with growing under glass.

Acrylic greenhouse panels block UV light penetrations. However, in applications where UV light transmission is desirable, ACRYLITE® is one of the only glazing materials available in a UV transmitting version that transmits the full spectrum of light. That includes the UV-A and UV-B range.

Clear acrylic greenhouse panels will not yellow, brittle or degrade.

The reason clear plastic panels used in greenhouses yellow, is because of the sun's UV rays breaking down the glazing.

ACRYLITE® acrylic is the only available greenhouse plastic sheeting that is 100% UV-stable. Polycarbonate and other plastic coverings need a UV barrier to delay yellowing. After a few years of use, a replacement is the only solution to ensure light transmission.

UV barriers or coatings are often thin and prone to failure whereas acrylic panels consist of 100% UV-stable molecules throughout the material. This stabilizes the glazing from the inside out and protects the entire sheet. Acrylic is also the ideal choice to replace yellowed polycarbonate greenhouse panels or weathered fiberglass.

ACRYLITE® acrylic greenhouse panels have been proven to perform consistently over decades of use. No matter what types of climates throughout the world.

Acrylic’s long service life means less replacement costs when compared to other materials. A replacement after only a few years of use is not uncommon for inferior greenhouse materials.

Energy is a critical cost factor for greenhouse operators. In North America, growers spend an average of $1 to $2 per square foot on heating their greenhouses. Acrylic double-wall glazing materials provide natural insulation qualities. These can result in up to 55%* of savings in annual energy and heating costs when compared to single glazing panels.

With a service life of 30+ years, ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-wall products allow to not only recover the capital cost of the building project, it also saves hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in heating costs.

Besides energy cost savings, acrylic greenhouse panels help contribute to a healthier environment through

  • reduced energy use
  • reduced emissions
  • environmentally-sound manufacturing processes
  • certified facilities

Long product life means less old plastic greenhouse panels to be replaced and going to landfill sites due to the premature failure. If acrylic must be replaced after its service life it is recyclable for use in consumer goods. For more information please see here: Recycling ACRYLITE® acrylitc products

Find the right acrylic glazing for your greenhouse

Commercial Facilities

ACRYLITE® was originally designed for the commercial greenhouse industry over 40 years ago. Since then, the technology behind it has been continually improved. Cooperating with the world’s leading growers our research lead to the most advanced material.

ACRYLITE® state-of-the-art greenhouse glazing material delivers decades of performance. Discover long-term success and exceptional return on investment.

The broad product portfolio offers a right choice for every project. In fact, it is not only the crop that determines the acrylic glazing product and greenhouse design. It is also the location and climatic condition.

Research Facilities

Researchers need controlled and stable facility conditions to ensure results are not affected. Facilities constructed with acrylic glazing provide consistent light conditions that ensure repeatability.

ACRYLITE® UV transmitting sheets allow researchers to simulate outdoor growing conditions in tightly-controlled environments. Utilizing the full light spectrum, eliminating the need for expensive UV lighting systems.

Researcher in tomato greenhouse

Institutional Greenhouses

North America’s leading colleges and universities choose acrylic glazing to provide the best teaching environments. In today’s competitive funding environment, institutions must make smart choices by investing capital in greenhouses that will last for decades, without requiring costly annual maintenance or replacement.

Retail Environment and Garden Centers

Retailers choose ACRYLITE® for its adaptability, practicality and aesthetic qualities. The diffused light delivered by acrylic greenhouse panel provides protection from UV exposure and allows retailers to showcase their products in natural and bright light. The solar-controlling tints and infrared reflecting options offered in the ACRYLITE® Heatstop product line allow for optimum control of heat built up in order to create a customer-friendly shopping environment.

Botanical Gardens, Conservatories and Zoos

Acrylic greenhouse panels and their unique spectral options offer the perfect fit for tropical environments and habitats that require natural full light spectrum.

Acrylic double wall panels come with a light-transmission and energy efficient properties. Those deliver high levels of diffused sunlight, creating a bright and safe environment. The ability to reproduce desired lighting conditions combined with an exceptionally long service life and significant savings in annual energy costs mean a high level of product satisfaction for curators of acrylic-glazed facilities.

acrylite greenhouse

Technical Information & Market Brochures

ACRYLITE® 8mm and 16mm Heatstop double skin tech data

ACRYLITE® 8mm and 16mm Resist double skin tech data

ACRYLITE® Alltop double skin clear warranty

ACRYLITE® Alltop high impact double skin tech sheet

ACRYLITE® Architectural Brochure

ACRYLITE® Greenhouse Brochure

ACRYLITE® Heatstop multi-skin CBW warranty

ACRYLITE® Heatstop wave profile CBW warranty

ACRYLITE® Multiskin and Corrugated Sales Sheet

ACRYLITE® Residential Brochure

ACRYLITE® Resist diffuse high-impact acrylic Sell Sheet (4011)

ACRYLITE® Resist multi skin clear warranty

ACRYLITE® Resist multi skin colors warranty

For technical information please see here: Technical Support


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