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Light in all the places.

Acrylite LED optimized at plaza with red lighting globe

Lighting is much more than just brightness. It should create an atmosphere and give rooms and the items within it unmistakable character. Whether the setting is residential, industrial or commercial, lighting has many functions to perform. All environments need to be properly lit to suit their various requirements.

Key factors are the quality and distribution of light, as well as energy efficiency. ACRYLITE® is the ideal material to meet these demands. The lighting industry and its developments are currently undergoing a major transformation. It is moving away from classical light sources to LED technology. This enables new types of lighting and luminaire design. Advantages of this development when the luminaire material matches the technology:

  • greater luminous efficiency
  • lower energy consumption
  • slimmer light boxes
  • a huge variety of color

With its unusual light-guiding properties, ACRYLITE® offers a wide range of options. That applies both to conventional light sources and also when the focus is on design rather than function. The material inspires designers to create entirely new light impressions that speak to the emotions.

Find just the right solution for your project with the help of following overview of lighting applications and matching ACRYLITE® products:

Acrylite product families for Lighting

ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade

The new dimension of light

ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade acrylic sheet is specially formulated for LED sign faces. This innovative acrylic product possesses a frosted appearance. Unique optical properties evenly diffuse light and hide LED hot spots without the use of a diffuser film. Offering superior impact and weather resistance, ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade sheet is ideal for both interior and outdoor applications. The lightweight product incorporates a textured surface that works to hide fingerprints and scratches. This helps enhance the service life of signs in high traffic areas.

ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit

ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit acrylic sheet, formally known as EndLighten, is the transparent and brilliant solution for lighting design.

Ultra-thin panel lighting can be created by using this product. When LED strip modules are used at the edges of the sheet, the acrylic glows uniformly across its two perpendicular surfaces. The product is also available in a rod form. The special light-diffusing particles inside the material extract the light uniformly through the sheet and direct it toward the viewer. ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit is a transparent colorless material offered in various grades and thicknesses. The typical setup consists of ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit illuminated with LED strip modules at one, two, or four sides. A transparent protection sheet can be used to protect the poster and light guide. A secondary diffuser can be used to improve the light scattering in certain applications.

ACRYLITE® Satinice

No Reflections.

A light cover made of ACRYLITE® Satinice prevents disturbing glare and minimizes light loss through its surface. Lighting manufacturers can choose from a wide range of different degrees of diffusion. Tiny bead-shaped polymer particles continuously refract light to different angles, with no significant light loss, creating effective hiding power.

This grade of acrylic is ideal for light fixtures that can not afford glare of light source hot spots. Due to its special light-diffusing properties, similar effects can also be achieved with illuminated ACRYLITE® Satinice tubes. The frosted surface is resistant to scratches and traces of wear which makes it suitable for high traffic areas.

ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion

ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion sheet has a frosted appearance throughout the entire sheet straight to the edge that offers excellent light diffusion for indoor or outdoor lit displays, panels and store fixtures. Its surface hides fingerprints and scratches for enhanced service life.

The ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion portfolio has been expanded and now offers four additional grades with higher light transmission and greater diffusion. Designed for architectural and linear LED lighting applications, these superior ACRYLITE® Satinice specialty acrylic grades are offered in various thicknesses.

Office Max white light sign

ACRYLITE® Satinice crystal surface

ACRYLITE® Satinice crystal surface sheet is continuously manufactured with an appearance of etched glass and a frosted finish that diffuses light to enhance your design options and backlit applications. Its textured surface resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.

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Reference Document

Illuminated Signs


ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit

0E011 L- clear

0E012 XL- clear

0E013 XXL- clear

Ref. No. 3760C

Ref. No. 3735A


ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block

WM51- white

Ref. No. 3707B

ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade

WDR58- white

Ref. No. 3432D

ACRYLITE® LED sign grade

0RA65- colorless

WRT30(SG), WT030(FF)

WM30(GP)- white

Ref. No. 3804A


ACRYLITE® LED sign grade

3RK31(SG), 3K031(FF),

3H31(GP)- red, 3RK32(SG)

3K032(FF)- red, 1K030(FF), 1H01(GP)- yellow

Ref. No. 3804A


ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit

9K004 SC black/white

Ref. No. 3980A

Light Fixtures

ACRYLITE® Satinice

0D010 DF- colorless

0D002 DF- colorless (meter order item)

WD852 DF- colorless

WD853 DF- colorless

WD854 DF- colorless

WD855 DF- colorless

WD008 DF- white

Ref. No. 3773E

Color .060" .080" .098" .118" .177" .236" .354" .472"
Optimum Light Diffusion
White WD008 DF 65% 64% 62% 60% 50% 42% 38% 33%
Light White WD500 DF - 80% - - - - - -
Colorless 0D010 DF 91% 90% 87% 88% 82% 78% 68% 65%
Colorless WD852 92% 92% - 92% - - - -
Colorless WD853 85% 85% - 85% - - - -
Colorless WD854 79% 79% - 79% - - - -
Colorless WD855 72% 72% - 72% - - - -
Crystal Surface
Colorless 0M001 SC - - - 92% 92% 92% 92% -
White WM530 SC - - - <15% <15% <15% <15% -
Glass Green 6m020 SC - - - 88% 87% 87% 85% -
Light Blue 5M022 SC - - - 85% 84% 84% 82% -

Jungbecker Optics

Exclusively for North America

Evonik Cyro has entered into an exclusive agreement with precision optics manufacturer, Jungbecker, to provide their acrylic-based light-guiding solutions throughout North America. Jungbecker’s unique; direct-to-sheet technology is a perfect match with the unsurpassed optical performance and outstanding weatherability of ACRYLITE® products. Using a proprietary, hot-embossing process, Jungbecker can replicate precise microstructures onto our acrylic-based solutions, delivering a range of controlled, light shaping properties. Jungbecker’s diverse light-guiding product portfolio and high-precision optics capabilities, coupled with the high performance of ACRYLITE® provides an excellent solution for a variety of applications in the North American market.

Find more information on lighting solutions with ACRYLITE® in the Market Segment Brochure For Lighting Technologies.

For technical information please see here: Technical Support

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