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Build Your Brand Visibility with ACRYLITE®

Signs and the material they are made of are the most essential instrument for wayfinding.

Wayfinding enhances people's understanding and experience of a space. It is an information system that supports guidance through a physical environment. In complex surroundings such as campuses and urban centers, wayfinding is important. You can find it at healthcare centers or transportation facilities to guide people. In complicated architectural environments maps and symbols support wayfinding.

This page summarizes for you what ACRYLITE® material is best for your sign applications.

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Exterior Signage

ACRYLITE® LED color changing back lit

ACRYLITE® LED coloring changing back lit is an extruded, gloss sheet that, when unlit, the sign appears Black. When illuminated, the sheet will evenly diffuse the color of the LEDs, whether White or RGB.

It’s superior diffusion hides LED hot spots when backlit at minimal distances. This eliminates the need for diffuser films previously required by the older cast formulation. It is manufactured from a special pigment formulation that yields 25 percent light transmittance – significantly more light output than traditional perforated films.

It is a popular choice for signage at large retail stores, where standing out from the crowd is a necessity.

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ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade

ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade (SignFlex) acrylic sheet combines the frosted texture of ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion with the impact strength of ACRYLITE® LED sign grade for a high-impact sheet with excellent transmission and added LED diffusion. Available in Clear & White, the textured surface works to hide fingerprints and scratches and enhance the service life of signs in high traffic areas.

ACRYLITE® LED diffused sign grade (SignFlex) acrylic sheet is:

  • optimum light diffusing
  • high-impact strength
  • superior weatherablity without LED hotspots

Its frosted nature eliminates the need to use any diffuser films. Great for both interior and exterior applications. For additional gauges from .060 to .472 check out WD008DF.

The lightweight product incorporates a textured surface that works to hide fingerprints and scratches and helps enhance the service life of signs in high traffic areas.

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ACRYLITE® LED sign grade

ACRYLITE® LED sign grade (SG) acrylic sheet is the face of the sign market. This impact-modified acrylic resists chipping and breakage during fabrication and installation for a long lasting life. It is perfect for backlit channel lettering, flat sign cabinets, and thermoformed parts.

We offer industry-leading 30 year non-yellowing warranties for Clear and Whites (2447 & 7328).

UL Yellow Card ACRYLITE® LED sign grade (f1)

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ACRYLITE® premium

Our standard grade extruded sheet, ACRYLITE® Premium is ideal for everything from routed channel letters to thermoformed parts and push through signage. Available in Clear, Whites, Black & Colors, its excellent weatherability, high quality and ease of use make it ideal for signage. Whites (2447 & 7328) and Clear are covered by a 30 year non-yellowing warranty. Additionally, our clear sheet contains 0% regrind which gives it a water clear edge, high optical quality and low defect rate. ACRYLITE® Premium's tight thickness tolerance ensures uniform light diffusion and transmission and its ease of fabrication generates cost savings and increased output.

UL Yellow Card ACRYLITE® extruded (f1)

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ACRYLITE® LED optimized letter block

Available from .472”-1.181” thick, this custom White cast sheet is ideal for everything from standalone dimensional letters and logos to push through letters. This material can be routed out for LEDs to be embedded or left solid and backlit. It’s specially formulated color has excellent light diffusion and transmission, while having more daytime visibility than the standard 2447 White. It also eliminates the need for painting or applying white or frosted vinyl to thick, clear sheet in push through applications.

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Interior Signage

ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit

ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit, formerlly Endlighten, is the perfect solution for edge-lit applications such as snap frames and menu boards. LED light is focused into the edge of the highly transparent material and evenly emitted across the surface. ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit is a transparent colorless material offered in various grades and thicknesses.

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ACRYLITE® Digital Print

Engineered specifically for UV flatbed printers, ACRYLITE® digital print’s specially formulated cap layer eliminates the need for primers and adhesion promoters. This direct print sheet requires no surface prep and has excellent adhesion which is critical if printing then fabricating (drilling, saw cutting, laser machining, routing etc.). Its water clear edge ensures true color representation and its high optical quality makes it perfect for everything from fine art prints (link to framing) to wide format advertising.

In addition to enhanced print performance, our sheet comes standard with a custom masking configuration for fabrication and quality checks and each skid is specially packed to preserve sheet flatness.

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ACRYLITE® non-glare

Originally designed for picture framing (link to framing), ACRYLITE® non-glare, formerly P99, quickly became the go-to material for interior wayfinding as its light matte non-glare finish also meets ADA requirements. Its subtle textured finish creates a glare-free view from any angle, while showing off the natural beauty of your artwork and prints. This extruded sheet’s thickness tolerance make it ideal for braille signage. Its high optical quality and the fact that it contains 0% recycled content significantly reduce the occurrence of issues such as voids and char which can be found in other non-glare sheets.

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ACRYLITE® POP Touch (P12) provides non-glare properties, while maintaining clarity for brilliant signage in any light. It is ADA compliant, perfect for braille engraving and other signage. It’s surface finish is a heavier matte than the ACRYLITE® non-glare but lighter than the common Satinice one-sided velvet texture (P95) which allow for second surface paint, print, lamination etc. with crispness of details and text.

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ACRYLITE® Reflections Frosted Mirror

ACRYLITE® Reflections frosted mirror (Platinum Ice) combines the frosted texture of our ACRYLITE® Satinice crystal surface with ACRYLITE® Reflections mirror to emit a soft, reflective platinum finish with a crystal-clear edge. Its matte frosted surface is resistant to fingerprints, making it practical as well as sophisticated. In addition to retail displays and trade show exhibits, ACRYLITE® Reflections frosted mirror can be used for office furniture, office partitions, and illuminated displays.

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