ACRYLITE® LED light guiding edge lit rod colorless 0E012 XL

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  • 91% Light Transmission
  • Transparent
  • UV Absorbent
  • XL grade - for application lengths 24”-48”'
  • Disperses light evenly along the length
  • Made in Germany
  • Formerly EndLighten
  • Previously 0N002 XL
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ACRYLITE® LED rod is ideal for transmitting high-powered LED light. Its unique light-conducting properties distribute light evenly throughout the entire rod surface. As light enters from the end, embedded colorless diffuser particles scatter the light forward and exit the surface at low angles. This results in uniform bright illumination. ACRYLITE® LED light-guiding rods are the only product on the market today offering light transmission in a round rod form.

This rod offers excellent solutions for the following applications:

  • Lighting fixtures
  • Illuminated handrails
  • POP/Store fixtures
  • Exhibit applications

This material is easily thermoformed without compromising functionality. We offer three grades for maximum illumination dependent on the length of the desired application. This grade works great for applications in lengths between 24” and 48”. If this does not work for your needs, check out the following product offerings:

For information and tips on how to properly clean, disinfect and maintain this sheet, click here.

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