Jungbecker Light Guiding Prismatic Sheet (LGP)

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  • Light Guiding Prismatic
  • Transparent when unlit
  • Made in Germany
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Light Guiding Prismatic Plate (LGP) decouples light that is fed into the sheet from the edges across the surface. This is done using integrated prismatic optics. The optical structure does not act as a diffusor but rather, uses total internal reflection and refraction of the microprisms. The direct part of the light is also de-glared. Some other properties include:

  • 40% of light is indirect, in a batwing profile
  • 60% of light is downlight, de-glared
  • Homogenous light output for a panel width of 300 mm (LEDs single sided) or for a panel width of 600 mm (LEDs double sided)
  • Efficiency up to 85%
  • Transparent look when not lit

This sheet offers excellent solutions for the following applications:

  • Ultra-thin fixture profiles

The recommended fabrication methods for Jungbecker Optics are Circular saw cutting (edge polishing required in a 2nd step) and Laser cutting. It is important for the laser to have 360° suction, which means the air, smoke, and dust should be extracted from under and over the sheets. Jungbecker Optics can be thermoformed according to customer specifications, however there are limitations to the curvature that can be achieved. Please consult with Roehm if interested in forming a specific part.

For information and tips on how to properly clean, disinfect and maintain this sheet, click here.