ACRYLITE® Optical anti-reflective colorless 0A000 AC2

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  • 97% Light Transmission
  • Transparent
  • UV Absorbent
  • Anti-reflective coating (two-sided)
  • Abrasion resistant coating
  • Usable sheet area is 94'' x 46''
  • Made in America

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ACRYLITE® Optical anti-reflective (AC) acrylic sheet cuts total light reflectance to less than two percent. Its high optical quality, light weight and impact strength make it ideal for use in optical display screens where a clear view from any angle and lighting condition is required. This acrylic also utilizes an abrasion resistant coating for extra protection and increased durability.

Its high optical quality, light weight, and impact strength characteristics make it the preferred material for LCD’s, PDA’s, protective screens, multimedia displays, and instrument clusters.

At half the weight of glass, it is well suited for nonstandard sized displays while reducing breakage and shipping costs.

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As a continuously manufactured sheet, it utilizes a wide band anti-reflection coating that minimizes reflection while it maximizes the transmission of the acrylic substrate over the visible light spectrum.

It is designed for the high performance needs of LCDs, PTVs, PDPs, P-O-P displays, signage, and much more.


Left side: ACRYLITE® Optical anti-reflective acrylic Right side: Standard Glass


  • Abrasion Resistance – 600 Cheesecloth per Mil-M-13508C
  • Adhesion – #610 Snap Tape per Mil-C-48497A
  • Humidity Resistance – 48 hour (50°C, 95% R.H.) per Mil-C 48497A
  • Solubility – 24 hour immersion per Mil-C 48497A

front service reflection

% Reflectance (Photopic)

  • Single Surface < 1.0%
  • Total Reflectance (Double Side Coated) <2.0%
  • Total Reflectance (Single Side Coated) <5.0%


% Transmittance (Photopic)

  • Total Transmittance (Double Side Coated) > 97.0%
  • Total Transmittance (Single Side Coated) > 94.0%

Standard Product Offering

Color Sheet Size Thickness
Clear 48x96

.080 (2mm)

.118 (3mm)

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