ACRIFIX® reactive cements

ACRIFIX® reactive adhesives work great for projects where a quality bond is needed, typically in applications such as museum cases, lighting and aquariums. The bonds created are extremely high strength and leave a bubble-free joint.

  • uv stabilized and superior weatherability
  • perfect for aquarium & museum cases
  • joints won't yellow with time
  • transparent edge area bonds
  • high strength & exceptional optics

Features & benefits

ACRIFIX® two-part polymerizable cements help achieve optically invisible and strong bonds. Unlike most cements in the market today, ACRIFIX® cements are UV stabilized and won't yellow with time. These fast curing reactive cement provide both beauty and strength.



ACRIFIX® 1R 0192 Bright is a one part reactive cement 1-component polymerization on exposure to light with no mixing required.

ACRIFIX® 2R 0190 Versatile two-component polymerization cement - catalyst included

ACRIFIX® 2R 0195 Satin is a two-component polymerization adhesive preferably used for bonding matte finish acrylic. We offer the ONLY Satin finished cement for frosted surfaces for transparent edge area bonds; the cured joints are almost colorless.

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Cementing with ACRIFIX®