ACRYLITE® for Aviation

ACRYLITE® for Aircraft Transparencies:

ACRYLITE® has a full line of sheet products that can meet the many needs of helicopter, general aviation, commercial aircraft and military aircraft windows and transparencies.  Aircraft glazing was one of the first applications for cast acrylic sheet. Acrylic is lightweight, resistant to thermal shock, has excellent optical clarity and mechanical properties.

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ACRYLITE® for Aviation 249

ACRYLITE® 249 sheet is used in a wide variety of commercial aircraft, military jets and helicopter transparencies.

ACRYLITE® for Aviation GMS

ACRYLITE® GMS sheet applications include instrument panels, wingtip lenses, dust covers, helicopter bubbles and aircraft canopies.

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ACRYLITE® for Aviation GMU

ACRYLITE® GMU sheet for aviation applications where military specifications are not required, such as general aviation windshields.

ACRYLITE® for Aviation Stretch

ACRYLITE® Stretched acrylic sheet meets and is certified to prEN 4366 and MIL-P-25690. ACRYLITE® Stretched is produced from Roehm’s ACRYLITE® GS 249 cross-linked material. The stretched acrylic increases the resistance to crazing and solvent attack, as well as improves mechanical behavior.

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Application stories

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Stretched ACRYLITE® Meets Quality Specifications

Stretched sheets of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm are now qualified to MIL-P-25690B in sheet thicknesses up to 0.800” (20.3 mm). The qualification attests to the chemical resistance of the material, its impact strength (for example against bird strikes), resistance to cracking and the fulfilment of optical requirements.