ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering

ACRYLITE® UV filtering conservation sheet is pure protection from the irreversible effects of both natural and artificial UV light. It provides the highest protection against damaging UV light in the industry; no other acrylic glazing can compete. The UV protection is built into the acrylic, it’s not just a coated surface. This translates to unsurpassed protection. Both natural and artificial light are no match for the UV protection of ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3).

  • blocks out nearly 100% of UV light
  • acid & distortion-free
  • shatterproof
  • guaranteed defect free

Features & benefits

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3 acrylic is known for its industry-leading UV protection. No other acrylic glazing can compete with this material as it pertains to blocking UV light.

When UV rays are in the 390 nanometer light range, ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering OP3 acrylic blocks out nearly 100% of UV light, while its competitors show diminished levels of UV protection. This sheet is sure to protect your art, sketches, and images against the irreversible damage of UV rays for many years to come.

Unprotected, fabrics and paper become brittle, fade, or turn yellow when exposed to sunlight and artificial light. A good example is a faded poster in a storefront or a magazine left in direct sunlight. Unprotected items will yellow within weeks due to exposure to the UV light.  The harmful UV rays age the artwork by breaking the chemical bonds of color molecules. The more the color molecules break down, the more the color fades away. When the damage is done, the effects are irreversible.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering acrylic is available with a abrasion and chemical resistant coating to help protect the acrylic from scratching and dulling due to some chemical cleaners such as alcohol and ammonia products.


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