ACRYLITE® Heatstop flat sheet

ACRYLITE® Heatstop acrylic sheet is an IR-reflecting sheet that reflects a large portion of incident solar radiation to limit the amount of heat entering a building while allowing an abundance of natural sunlight. This characteristic helps reduce energy consumption and makes ACRYLITE® Heatstop sheet a product that is well suited for “green” buildings.

  • provides strong and uniform natural lighting
  • IR-reflecting properties help reduce energy costs
  • helps lower internal ambient room temperatures

Features & benefits

Equivalent Light with One-half the Heat

By using ACRYLITE® Heatstop sheet in place of traditional acrylic glazing materials, average annual air conditioning costs can be lowered by as much as 33%. For every square foot of skylight replaced with ACRYLITE® Heatstop sheet, the savings are as high as $0.77/sq. ft.

At the same time, ACRYLITE® Heatstop sheet allows natural sunlight to illuminate interiors, reducing dependence on electrical lighting. This makes it ideal for rooftop glazing applications in warehouses, grocery stores, and other large commercial spaces, particularly in the warmer southern climates.

These IR reflecting properties are inherent to the sheet and are not produced with a coating or laminate. ACRYLITE® Heatstop sheet is a continuously manufactured acrylic sheet thereby forming at conditions very similar to traditional acrylic glazing materials. In fact, some users have noted reduced cycle times at the same conditions.

ACRYLITE® Heatstop acrylic is the clear choice for reducing heat build-up indoors. This product can be manufactured with impact modifier for longer lasting application protection.

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