ACRYLITE® LED sign grade chrome sheet

A beautiful impact resistant acrylic with a high-quality, one-sided chrome finish. It's bright reflective finish offers many advantages:


  • easily thermoforms
  • can be backlit
  • extremely weatherable
  • ~20x greater impact strength than standard acrylic sheet

Features & benefits

The impact modified acrylic designed for thermoformed outdoor signage or applications where the look of real chrome is desired. The perfect combination of strength and durability that outperforms the competition.

Light weight and shatter resistant this acrylic chrome sheet has all the advantages of acrylic without the hassle of metal work.

Pair it with Light - It is optimized for use with LEDs and all other light sources.

Easy to Fabricate - It can be sawed, drilled, routed, painted, cemented with ease, plus it resists chipping and melting. The masking on the chromed side is specially designed for protecting that surface during thermoforming.

As part of the ACRYLITE® LED sign grade family this chrome product encompasses all of the exceptional qualities you've come to depend on.

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