ACRYLITE® Films gravure and flexo printing

ACRYLITE® films for graphic screen printing and light scattering applications

ACRYLITE® Films offer a variety of opportunities, in boosting the performance of exterior décor films. They protect PVC substrates and printed décors in a perfect way.

Features & benefits

Thanks to our long term expertise in the formulation of UV protective films, we offer a complete range of cap films. ACRYLITE® Films can easily be printed on using gravure or flexo printing technologies. ACRYLITE® Films can either be top or reverse printed and can receive a décor through heat transfer of inks printed onto a PET film.

ACRYLITE® Clear 99524 film is most suitable for the insert molding process. High gloss surfaces can be achieved with an excellent deep view effect. ACRYLITE® Clear 99524 film can be used for optical applications such as light guides. Very precise optical structures can be embossed into the film. The film matches perfect optical requirements, when coated with acrylate based hardcoats.

ACRYLITE® White 99532 light scattering film is based on impact-modified polymethyl methacrylate and offer an ideal combination of transmission and light diffusion. The key properties compared to other materials suitable for illumination purposes are the pure white color, fewer inclusions, extreme weatherability and UV resistance. They will not show yellowing in lighting applications, were white PVC or PC films, for example, show color change within a short period of time. In addition, these films with two high-gloss surfaces have good resistance to weak acids and alkalis as well as to non-polar solvents.

If a matte surface is desired, ACRYLITE® Film 0F003 can be specified. This film is light diffusing, uv filtering and mar resistant.


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