ACRYLITE® Films glass fiber reinforced plastics

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics (GFRP)

ACRYLITE® films contain UV absorbers like many ACRYLITE® brand products. They provide excellent protection against yellowing and degradation of the GFRP boards, which gives them high light transmission for a long term.

Features & benefits

Due to the smooth closed surface, the ACRYLITE® protected GFRP sheets are less dirt-adherent. Our films cover the fibers and enable a highly aesthetic and smooth appearance over a long term.

ACRYLITE® films show also a very good adhesion to GFRP panels. ACRYLITE® Film clear 0F063 high optical quality is ideal for digital printing. In addition, the ACRYLITE® film GFRP panels are considered self-cleaning and no fiber show benefits, leading the sheets to have a great aesthetic appearance for long time.

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Technical Data

Safety Data Sheet

ACRYLITE® Film Acrylic SDS