ACRYLITE® Reflections marine grade mirror

ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine Grade is a superior level of acrylic mirror designed specifically for the marine industry. It is also available with a mar resistant coating that protects against marring and scratching from every day public contact, daily cleanings, and airborne dirt and dust.

  • glass-quality mirror
  • top quality, durability, and performance available
  • tough mirror backing

Features & benefits

This U.S. manufactured acrylic mirror is lightweight, great impact-stregnth, and UV absorbent. It is double inspected to ensure that each acrylic mirror exceeds the quality of any mirrorized acrylic product on the market. It also features an enhanced, tougher backing that has demonstrated to outperform the competition. Our hot water test is similar to the Boil Test for quality assurance.

Applications for Marine Grade Mirror:

  • interior cabins
  • high end boats and yachts

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ACRYLITE® Reflections

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