ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion enhanced

ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusion enhanced grade portfolio (WD85X series) includes specially produced grades of acrylic sheet for energy efficient and elegant light fixtures. Our WD85X series, not only delivers the highest level of light transmission but does so without compromising on overall diffusion. Tailored for architectural and linear LED lighting applications, our product stands as the unmatched choice for exceptional lighting solutions.

The enhanced grades offer the following superior properties:

  • Optics are consistent across all thicknesses
  • High light transmission with outstanding diffusion to eliminate LED hot spots
  • Surface provides optimal light scattering, glare reduction, and scratch resistance

Features & benefits

Available in four enhanced grades, this acrylic sheet is designed to offer superior light transmission and optimal performance in diffusion while minimizing color shift. By eliminating the risks of yellowing or color shift through the absence of white pigment, our acrylic ensures enduring clarity and brilliance. The absence of white pigments also contributes to achieving the highest CRI (color rendering index) value, closely resembling daylight.

These grades also contribute to enhanced efficacy and lumen per watt standards, making them a sustainable and energy-efficient choice. By using this material, fixtures will produce a smooth lighting effect, creating a well-balanced spread of light and effectively hide any visible LED pixelation.

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ACRYLITE® Satinice Enhanced Optimum Light Diffusion