ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL-4 MASH Barrier System

The ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL-4 System by Roehm America in partnership with Durisol offers the impact resistance and safety necessary for elevated roadways, while providing unobstructed views to maintain natural aesthetics and light transmission. Used primarily on highway bridges where safety barriers and the noise barriers attached to them are close to travel lanes and therefore more prone to collisions.

  • offers a safe, yet lightweight system for use on bridges and elevated roadways
  • specifically required where a noise barrier is to be placed in the zone of intrusion (the region above and beyond the face of a traffic barrier where an impacting vehicle may extend during an impact

Features & benefits

The TL-4 system is capable of absorbing an impact without endangering the lives of vehicle occupants or areas under the bridge structure. Newly designed and successfully crash tested system early 2020 now meets updated MASH (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) requirements per AASHTO safety guidelines.

Performance tested at both the University of Nebraska and Texas Transportation Institute, the TL-4 system prevents vehicle snagging and occupant compartment intrusions, requirements for TL-4 impact standards for attachments to existing roadside safety features. These features, in combination with observed benefits to vehicle stability during test collisions, have resulted in approval by the US Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) of the TL-4 system for use on the National Highway system as an attachment to crash rated concrete barriers. Download a copy of the Safety Eligibility Letter B- 352 - Safety | Federal Highway Administration (

ACRYLITE Soundstop TL-4 System must utilize the following noise barrier panels::



Product video

The future of safe roadways starts with Durisol ACRYLITE® Soundstop TL-4 system:

  • Meets MASH TL-4 crash test conditions
  • Reduces roll in vehicle
  • Reduces severity of crash