ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch

Designed to meet ADA compliance standards, this premium acrylic sheet provides superior ink adhesion on both sides, ideal for first and second surface printing. ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch acrylic is specifically tailored for wide-format digital printers capable of rendering 3D surfaces and braille. The sheet's enhanced adhesion properties ensure the UV ink bonds strongly to the acrylic surface without the need for primers or adhesion promoters.

  • specially designed for wide-format digital printing
  • double-sided, direct print surfaces
  • superior ink adhesion for exceptional quality
  • ADA-compliant textured first surface

Features & benefits

ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch acrylic is specially engineered to absorb UV inks, eliminating the need for additional treatments or time-consuming steps. This ensures a flawless appearance without chipping or damage during routing. Its neutral-clear color allows for printing of any color or combination and opacity; create both translucent and opaque signs. And, it's second surface printing offers design flexibility for sophisticated and elegant signage with added depth and dimensionality.

ACRYLITE® digital print pop touch acrylic is perfect architectural signages including:

  • Hospitality interiors
  • Healthcare donor walls and wayfinding signs
  • Corporate & educational identity
  • Sports complexes

View our comprehensive video demonstration and discover additional benefits:
Versatility of Acrylic in the Digital Printing Space

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