CYROLON® polycarbonate

CYROLON® polycarbonate extruded sheet is a transparent thermoplastic sheet that is a cost-effective solution for a wide variety of applications. CYROLON® sheet offers high optical quality and excellent impact strength.

  • high temperature resistance
  • tight dimensional tolerances
  • excellent optical properties
  • 200 times stronger than glass, 30 times stronger than acrylic

Features & benefits

Polycarbonate is a strong thermoplastic sheet that offers customers the chance to express their freedom in building, designing, and creating projects. This transparent plastic sheet can reach up to 90% light transmission, depending on your thickness. Whether it is for an indoor or outdoor application, our CYROLON® polycarbonate products offer a wide range of properties and benefits to fit your needs. Aside from its superior durability, CYROLON® polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass and half the weight of glass. Tight dimensional tolerances, UV-stability, high temperature resistance, and flexibility allow for easy fabrication, machining, thermoforming, and brake bending.

The degree of weatherability of CYROLON® products varies with the grade. CYROLON® standard grade is UV-stabilized but is not recommended for outdoor applications.

CYROLON® UV2 has a UV-protective cap layer on both sides and provides enhanced outdoor weatherability.

CYROLON® MR7 has a UV-protective hard-coating on both sides and carries a 7-year limited weathering warranty from POLYVANTIS Sanford LLC against yellowing, loss of light transmission, and coating failure.


CYROLON® is used for outdoor signage and glazing and protective guards for shielding equipment.


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