EUROPLEX® for Aviation

As the world leader in acrylic technology and sheet manufacturing facilities, ACRYLITE® and EUROPLEX® come together to meet the aircraft transparencies and the aircraft interior needs of the aviation markets. ACRYLITE® has a full line of sheet products that can meet the many needs of helicopter, general aviation, commercial aircraft and military aircraft windows and transparencies. EUROPLEX® high performance sheet products meet many of the most constringent requirement for aircraft interiors.

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EUROPLEX® for Aviation F3

EUROPLEX® F3 is a series of opaque PC sheets available in over 100 different colors; virtually any custom color can be provided upon request. The sheets are manufactured with a matte texture (hair cell) on one side and are ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as interior panels, seat shells, and other components in public transport, computer housing, electronic and electrical equipment, as well as seat lining, tables, trays and carts in aircraft.

EUROPLEX® for Aviation F6

EUROPLEX® F6 is a translucent white polycarbonate sheet with a light transmittance of 44 % (3.0 mm). The material was specially developed and is used for lighting covers in aircraft, busses and rail cars.

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EUROPLEX® for Aviation F7

EUROPLEX® F7 is a transparent, UV stabilized PC sheet with especially low smoke emissions intended for interior applications. It is used for dust covers, lighting covers, emergency lighting systems and other similar applications in aircraft, and is ideally suited wherever lightweight, transparent and flame-retardant materials are required.

EUROPLEX® for Aviation PPSU

EUROPLEX® PPSU is a flame-retardant sheet material based on polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). It shows excellent mechanical properties as well as good chemical resistance. The sheet series meets the fire standard requirements for many applications in public transport including the OSU 65/65 heat release requirements for large interior parts in passenger aircraft. EUROPLEX ® PPSU sheets are available in transparent and opaque colors.

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