ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine Product Information


ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine Grade is a superior level of acrylic mirror from the Reflections product family manufactured specifically for the Marine Industry. This light weight, shatter-resistant mirror is double inspected to ensure that each mirror sheet exceeds the quality of any mirrorized acrylic product on the market today. The reformulated protective backing guarantees performance throughout fabrication, installation, and use with unmatched durability and adhesion even in humid conditions.

ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine is offered in classic silver (colorless). An optional abrasion resistant coating is also available which offers excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals.


Color: Colorless 0A000 XG

Thickness: .118” (3mm), .220” (5.6mm), and .236” (6mm)

Size: 48” x 96”

Packaging: Case and Quarter Pallets

Custom available on request – minimums may apply


Often used in interior cabins, the ACRYLITE® Reflections Marine mirror sheet can be easily routed, saw cut, laser cut, cemented, mounted, line bent, or drilled using the same machining parameters and equipment that are recommended for use with all ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet (Refer to ACRYLITE® Tech Briefs). However, in some instances better results can be obtained if the orientation of the decorative surface is considered during fabrication.

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