Has ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering acrylic sheet been weathered and tested?

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Has ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering acrylic sheet been weathered and tested?


Protection That Endures — ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) acrylic sheet test results (This data can also be applied to ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP3) acrylic sheet)

We are all aware of the damage that Ultra Violet wavelengths can do to prints, tapestries, cloths, colors, etc., over time. ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) sheet will give you up to 98% filtering of those harmful UV rays. Studies now show that this material remains constant, in its UV filtering capacity, even under harsh accelerated weathering conditions.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2) sheet has been EMMAQUA® accelerated weathered by DSET Laboratories, Inc. in Arizona for a time period equivalent to 15 years of natural weathering. EMMAQUA weathering makes use of actual sunlight. To accelerate the weathering process, the sun’s energy is reflected off ten highly polished mirrors and focused on to the sheet’s surface. Focusing the sunlight concentrates the dosages of harmful UV radiation as well as all the wavelengths emitted from the sun.The EMMAQUA Test Machine also tracks the path of the sun, making the most of the sample’s exposure time. At certain times of the year the heat generated from the EMMAQUA Test Machine is so intense, sheet surface temperatures can reach as high as 140°F. To add another element of nature in this accelerated weathering test, moisture is introduced onto the sample’s surface at regular intervals via a water spray.

By using the EMMAQUA Test Machine you can achieve the UV radiation dosage equivalent to five years of natural exposure in an approximate one-year real time.The graph below shows that ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering (OP2)’s UV filtering capacity has not diminished even after an intense accelerated weathering program equivalent to fifteen years of natural weathering.

spectral transmittance

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