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Application Advice
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Application Advice

There are a few ways you can illuminate an ACRYLITE® WD300 DF tube:

  1. The most popular way is to use a square or hex aluminum extrusion (hollow in the middle, so it's not so heavy) and place linear LED (usually with a 120 degree or larger view angle) boards on each flat side and fire directly out of the tube. The distance from LED to tube or number of LED's will dictate how even you can get the tube to look although WD300 diffuses light really well!
  2. For shorter tubes, we have seen a powerful LED at the tube/and or bottom of tube with a narrow view (usually lens on top or reflector - like a flashlight) angle to shoot down and wall wash the tube as well.
  3. We have also seen it to be effective to put 1 linear LED strip on the outside of the tube, close to the tube. The LED's light up the tube. If you are installing on a wall, the tube will hide the LED's so you can't see them from the outside unless you look at a steep angle.

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