Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance
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Care & Maintenance

How to remove paper masking from ACRYLITE® sheet

You can remove the paper masking with a cardboard tube by rolling the masking around it.

Roll the masking paper onto a cardboard tube.

Roll the masking paper back enough to allow work on the edge of the sheet.

Masked ACRYLITE® sheet should be kept away from heat and sunlight, and masking should be removed soon after installation. If the adhesive has hardened, moistening it with aliphatic naphtha, hexane, or kerosene will help to soften it. Commercially available Mask-Off™ from Craftics** can also be used without damaging the sheet. Do not use gasoline or sharp-edged objects such as razor blades. Any oily film left behind by solvents should be removed immediately by washing.

Sheets should be stored in the original shipping cartons prior to use. Masked sheets should never be left in direct sunlight or outdoors for longer than 8 hours. The sheet masking should be left in place during most fabrication operations to protect the sheet surface from dirt and scratching. The masking may be removed for intricate detail work on the sheet if necessary. Avoid handling unmasked sheet unnecessarily. Certain heat sources used in line bending and thermoforming operations may also require removal of the masking.

**Craftics® Inc.
PO Box 91930
Albuquerque, NM 87199
(505) 338-0005

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