Working with ACRYLITE®

Working with ACRYLITE®
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Working with ACRYLITE®

Acrylic sheet UV filtering comparison

Ultraviolet (UV) light wavelengths are in the range between 200-390 nm.

ACRYLITE® Premium (FF), ACRYLITE® Gallery Framing Grade (FF3), ACRYLITE® non-glare (P99), and ACRYLITE® Optical mar-resistant acrylic sheets start transmitting light at around 350 nm. Based on that number, they filter out about 90% UV light between 200-390 nm.

ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering sheet (OP3) and ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering non-glare sheet (OP3 P99) acrylic sheet filter out nearly 100% of the UV light.

Follow this link for more information about ACRYLITE® Gallery UV filtering sheet (OP3).


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