ACRYLITE® Spectator Protection

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What is ACRYLITE® RinkShield?

Engineered for hockey...

Designed specifically to meet professional-level hockey’s shielding regulations and ASTM F1703-13, ACRYLITE® spectator protection (RinkShield) acrylic sheet is the new standard in spectator shielding. An increasing number of professional hockey organizations are making the transition. It holds up to puck and player impacts, provides greater flexibility than tempered glass, clearer viewing for fans and easier, quicker changeover operations for facilities.

Why choose ACRYLITE® RinkShield?

The choice is clear

This acrylic sheet has been developed to a specific thickness designed for extreme loads and high velocity impacts. It is also designed to protect both fans and players from extreme hockey forces. Our material outperforms industry deflection benchmarks for spectator shielding. A three-fold reduction in reaction forces over tempered glass significantly reduces the effect of impact on players and the possibility of injury; one of the many reasons why arenas are making the switch from extremely heavy glass to lighter weight acrylic.

The clear choice… for your fans

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It offers fans the ultimate viewing experience. Thanks to its crisp optical clarity and larger uninterrupted viewing surfaces, fans feel closer to the game than ever before. These larger panels reduce mullion supports by up to 30%. It also offers outstanding impact resistance and is shatterproof, providing your front-row fans with safe hockey viewing. In addition, when players and pucks hit the boards, the sound is amplified and the excitement level goes up!

The clear choice… for your players

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Computer models generated by Algor, Inc. show that a 200-lb. player skating at 15 mph impacting tempered glass will generate a reaction force of over 54,000 lbs. Under the same conditions, a 200-lb. player impacting acrylic shielding would generate less than 21,000 lbs. of reaction force.

Reaction force on player - acrylic vs. glass shield

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Product Specifications

Application Areas

  • Ice hockey arenas (indoor/outdoor)
  • Soccer arenas (indoor/outdoor)
  • Arena football facilities (indoor)
  • Lacrosse facilities (indoor/outdoor)


ACRYLITE® sheet is more impact-resistant than glass. If subjected to impact beyond the limit of its resistance, it does not shatter into small slivers but breaks into comparatively large pieces. ACRYLITE® sheet meets the requirments of ANSI Z 97.1 for use as a safety glazing material in buildings.

Replacement sheets

It is easier to store, handle and fabricate. Arena staff can quickly and efficiently remove poly film masking, minimizing arena downtime when replacing broken glass.

On-site fabrication allows arena staff to customize this material, increasing arena flexibility and reducing inventory.

Multi-purpose spectator facility user groups have discovered the advantages of acrylic shielding. Professional sports leagues and other organizations are using ACRYLITE® RinkShield for entire arenas, replacement shielding, and a variety of specific arena applications.

Arenas with ACRYLITE® spectator protection (RinkShield)

  • Budwiser Gardens - London, Ontario
  • North Bay Centennial Arena - North Bay, Ontario
  • Consol Energy Center - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Castle Ice Center - Renton, WA
  • Notre Dame Pepsi Arena - Indianapolis, IN
  • Pepsi Center, Indianapolis, IN
  • Liberty University - Lynchburgh, VA
  • Meridian Center - St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Sioux Falls Event Center - Sioux Falls, SD
  • Outdoor Rink - Rosemount, IL

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