Do you have a warranty for clear ACRYLITE® Resist Multi-Skin acrylic sheet?

ACRYLITE® offers a North American limited 10 year light transmission, 10 year hail, and 30 year non-yellowing warranty. Roehm America LLC warrants that the above product meets the following specifications:

Yellowness Index
Typical on Delivery max. 1 max. 1 max. 1
After 10 Years max. 2 max. 2 max. 2
After 30 Years max. 4 max. 4 max. 4
Transmittance (τD65)
Typical on Delivery 84% 86% 76%
Guaranteed on Delivery 83% 83% 64%
After 10 Years 80% 80% 61%
After 30 Years 77% 77% 58%
Modulus of Elasticity (E1)
Typical on Delivery min. 1,800 MPa min. 1,800 MPa min. 1,800 MPa
After 10 Years min. 1,800 MPa min. 1,800 MPa min. 1,800 MPa
Tensile Strength Value (σM)
Typical on Delivery min. 40 MPa min. 40 MPa min. 40 MPa
After 10 Years min. 35 MPa min. 35 MPa min. 35 MPa
After 10 Years No Break No Break No Break
Colorless ACRYLITE® burns nearly smoke-free and produces no acutely toxic flue gases. ACRYLITE® is considered harmless in this respect. All product types and designs do not change their combustion behavior within a 30-year period.

For complete warranty information on clear ACRYLITE® Resist Multi-Skin acrylic sheet, please click HERE.

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