Any compatible products with ACRYLITE® when ultrasonic welding?

Physical properties, such as density, modulus of elasticity and melting point play a significant role in the success of ultrasonic welding.

Acrylic is a rigid plastic and is readily welded by both the near and far welding techniques. This is because it transmits the ultrasonic vibrations with virtually no loss in amplitude. It is not possible to weld onto the coated surfaces of ACRYLITE® AR acrylic sheet and ACRYLITE® GAR acrylic sheet. This is because the abrasion resistant coating will not melt and fuse with the plastics. However, the edges of abrasion resistant sheets can be welded onto un-coated surfaces.

Dissimilar plastics are difficult to weld unless they are chemically compatible, and their melting temperatures are within 30°F. Figure 4 provides a summary of the weld-ability of common plastics to one another.


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