ACRYLITE® UltraClear is the Clear Choice

UltraClear Framing

UltraClear Framing a Diploma

Anti-fingerprint. Ant-reflective. Scratch Resistant.
Whether you are looking for protection against fingerprints, reflection or scratches, we’ve got you covered. ACRYLITE® UltraClear is the only acrylic in the market that provides protection against unsightly scratches, hindering reflection and hard-to-remove fingerprints.


  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Anti-reflective

  • Low reflection and low glare resulting in high transparency

  • Mar-resistant

  • Shatter resistant, perfect for high traffic areas

  • UV protection for longevity


  • Conservation framing

  • Glazing

  • Digital and other multi-media displays

  • Reception area partitions

  • Instrument clusters and scanners

  • Cosmetic and retail displays

  • Collectable Boxes

Goodbye Fingerprints! Goodbye Gloves!
When touched or handled, our natural oils leave destructive streaks on other anti-reflective acrylics - making their product a nightmare to clean. With ACRYLITE® UltraClear, you no longer have to worry about leaving fingerprints on the acrylic or having to wear gloves! Our product’s anti-smudge property makes this acrylic easy to clean. Even a Sharpie doesn’t stand a chance against ACRYLITE® UltraClear. Its permanent ink can be wiped right off without special chemicals.

Fingerprints on Acrylic

Reduces Reflection Without Color Distortion
ACRYLITE® UltraClear acrylic, provides an anti-reflective coating on both sides. With a typical 98% transmission, its clarity is unsurpassed. It’s like seeing through air.
It also offers a neutral surface reflected color. This ensures color authenticity. So when framing a work of art, our acrylic’s reflected color will not interfere with the true colors that it protects.

It’s Also UV Filtering Acrylic that Stands the Test of Time
In addition, it is proven to protect. It blocks over 99% of damaging UV rays and like all ACRYLITE® Premium and conservation acrylic products, ACRYLITE® UltraClear is guaranteed defect free.

UltraClear Car Dashboard

UltraClear Airplane

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