ACRYLITE® Gallery UltraClear Anti-Reflective LRF2 0C099

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  • 98% typical visible light transmission
  • 2.3% typical visible light reflection
  • Over 99% UV blocking, 200-390 nm
  • Abrasion-resistant on both sides
  • Anti-reflective surface on both sides
  • Neutral surface reflected color
  • Low inherent color



Fingerprint resistant surface on two sides leaves no traces of your skins natural oils

Anti-smudge property makes this acrylic easy to clean; permanent ink can be wiped right off

Can be saw cut, routed, drilled, laser cut and edge-finished just like standard acrylic sheet


Product Specifications

  • Standard sheet size: 40" x 80"
  • Thickness: .118" (3mm)
  • Fingerprint resistant one-sided option available
$0.00 / sqft

Cutting Fees Apply