ACRYLITE® Gallery UltraClear Anti-Reflective LRF1 0C099

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  • Abrasion-resistant on both sides
  • Fingerprint resistant surface on one side
  • Anti-reflective surfaces on both sides
  • 98% typical visible light transmission
  • Neutral surface reflected color
  • 2.3% typical visible light reflection
  • Over 99% UV blocking, 200-390 nm
  • Low inherent color

$34.90 / sqft

Cutting Fees Apply


ACRYLITE® Gallery UltraClear (UC) is a revolutionary acrylic sheet for the Framing and Museum markets. Images come to life with its unsurpassed clarity allowing onlookers to feel as though they are seeing through air. This product offers a special coating that resist fingerprints on both sides of the sheet.

This sheet offers excellent solutions for the following applications as well:

  • Conservation framing
  • Glazing
  • Digital and other multi-media displays
  • Reception area partitions
  • Instrument clusters and scanners
  • Cosmetic and retail displays
  • Collectible Boxes

This glazing material is both easy to clean and easy to keep clean. It features an anti-smudge property which Sharpie and other permanent ink cannot stand a chance against. For information and tips on how to properly clean, disinfect and maintain this material, click here.

Want Fingerprint resistance on both sides of the sheet? Check out UltraClear Anti-Reflective two-sided sheet.

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