ACRYLITE® Warranties

Sunlight contains a large proportion of harmful UV radiation. Just as sunlight can damage our skin, it can cause dramatic destructive changes in most plastics. When new, transparent plastics all look more or less the same, but after a few years of outdoor exposure they may turn yellow or brown, and become unsightly. Products that contain natural UV protection throughout the material are best equipped, ACRYLITE® has such stable UV protection technology.

    • ACRYLITE® does not yellow visibly

We guarantee that ACRYLITE® sheets will show no visible yellowing for up to 30 years on select products.

    • ACRYLITE® retains high level of transparency

We guarantee that ACRYLITE® sheets in colorless and some white grades will retain a high level of light transmission for 30 years.

    • ACRYLITE® retains its combustion behavior

We guarantee that ACRYLITE® will retain its fire behavior even after 30 years of weathering.

    • ACRYLITE® Warranties

Apart from the 30-year warranty, we provide a number of other guarantees that refer to the special properties of various grades.