Do you have an ICC-ES product evaluation report?

Yes,  ICC-ES ESR-1260  recognizes four grades of ACRYLITE® sheet:
  • ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant
  • ACRYLITE® extruded (FF)
  • ACRYLITE® Resist 65
  • ACRYLITE® LED sign grade
These grades are classified as "CC2" relative to Section 2606, Light Transmitting Plastics, of the International Building Code. In addition, the 0.118 inch thickness of ACRYLITE® extruded (FF) is classified as "C" relative to Section 803, Wall and Ceiling Finishes, of the IBC. 
ACRYLITE® Optical mar resistant, ACRYLITE® extruded (FF), and ACRYLITE® Resist 65 are further classified as suitable safety glazing relative to Section 2406.2, Impact test, of the IBC. 
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