ACRIFIX® AC1010 Anti-static Cleaner

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ACRIFIX® AC1010 anti-static cleaner is formulated to cut static charge from sensitive surfaces. This cleaner does not provide permanent anti-static properties, but dissolves and neutralizes static. This will allow applied areas to become dust free and stay clean longer.

Unlike common cleaners that can scratch or harm the surface, ACRIFIX® AC1010 is ideal for acrylic (ACRYLITE® framing grade products), lacquer, Formica, and is also recommended for solid surface kitchen and bath materials such as PARAPAN®, granite, and marble. Its non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly and adds sparkle and shine to any solid surface material.

When cleaning, use a soft, lint-free cloth exclusively. The cloth should be thoroughly rinsed before use. Never wipe away dust with a dry cloth.

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