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New York Water Tower
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ACRYLITE® Used To Artistically Transform Classic New York City Water Tower

Brooklyn-based artist Tom Fruin, internationally recognized for creatively turning recycled material into art, used Evonik’s ACRYLITE® to transform a traditional New York City water tower by replacing the mundane wooden panels with colorful acrylic sheets that are illuminated at night. ... MORE


Into the Blueprint - ACRYLITE in Sanford Maine
Upgrade Your Office Space
What's round, flat, colorful, and bright? Anything acrylic! On this segment of Inside the Blueprint, we're entering the world of ACRYLITE® in Sanford, Maine. From shelving...
Corner Pool Window
ACRYLITE® is the only product that Pool Windows Pty. Ltd. uses for all installations and fabrication works. Due to its high-quality and the attached 30 year warranty, ACRYLITE® is...
Mack Truck’s New Brand Logo
Allen Industries, a Greensboro, N.C.-based sign manufacturing company, used Evonik Cyro LLC’s ACRYLITE® LED color changing acrylic sheet in the production of...