ACRYLITE® Block Showcased at the Reiss Façade in London

ACRYLITE® block was used to give the façade a three-dimensional look. The different routing profiles along with the alternating polished and matte surfaces create the façade’s constantly changing look. Throughout the day the structure has an asymmetrical, glowing “bar code” effect. At night, individually controlled LED strips beneath the each panel transform the façade into a translucent curtain of glistening light.

Selection Criteria

  • Light guiding properties
  • Creative and technical properties
  • High transmittance
  • Unlimited machining options
  • Optical brilliance


Location: London, Great Britain

Product: ACRYLITE® block (400 m²)

Fabricator: Heinz Fritz, plastics engineering, 2007

Architect: Squire & Partners

Image Source: Will Price

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