Clear ACRYLITE® Tubes on Munksjö Bridge

Munksjö Bridge in southern Sweden was built by a leading European construction company. The ten eye-catching brilliant and transparent segments at the tip of the masts were fabricated by Hecker from ACRYLITE® cast tubes with special dimensions (outer diameter 711 mm, length 2,900 mm, 10mm wall thickness). This material has great bondabilty, making the two thermoformed and subsequently CNC-routed clear half-tubes with two longitudinal joints almost invisible. The tubes were used as the crowning point on pylons that are illuminated with color changing RGBs. This method is especially suitable for a small number of items with diameters between 100 - 900 mm and lengths up to 2,900 mm.


Selection Criteria

  • Brilliant, transparent
  • Excellent fabrication and machining properties, thermoformable


Location: Munksjö Bridge in southern Sweden

Product: Special tubes made from ACRYLITE® cast sheets (dimensions: outer diameter 711 mm, length 2,900 mm, 10mm wall thickness)

Fabricator: Hecker Kunststofftechnik, Dortmund

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