Shining Statement for Jewelry

The foyer of the company headquarters of Thomas Sabo is presented in radiant beauty. The reception desk is just as individual and luxurious as the jewelry that they sell.

Thomas Sabo is the epitome of high quality silver jewelry – spectacular, glamorous and always a design statement. An image that the international company headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz needs to reflect. In the entrance area, visitors are greeted by a very unique jewel: a reception desk with a sophisticated combination of materials from ACRYLITE® Satinice, light and chrome.

When passion becomes design

The manufacturing of such a desk not only demands an unerring style and a flair for the combination of various materials, but also a great passion for a particular design. The Thomas Sabo brand image – jewelry made from shining silver – was to be portrayed in the entrance area through unusual color and light effects. For this assignment, the company turned to the Schreinerei Seger GmbH from Nuremberg, who commissioned axis GmbH & Co. KG – also from Nuremberg – to create the desired illumination. axis is known for embedding impressive accents in architecture, interior design, shopfitting and exhibition booth construction using tailor-made LED surface lights from ACRYLITE®.

“A project like this is best implemented using Lightpanels,” explains Felix Szak, Lightpanel developer and member of the board at axis GmbH & Co. KG. “The light surfaces made of ACRYLITE® Satinice provide a satin-like, high quality surface, as well as an absolutely homogeneous light quality with which a nearly endless range of colors can be displayed.”

Design with twice the impact

The interplay of colors of the Lightpanels is continued through the sophisticated reflection on the chrome slats. At the same time, the chrome reflects the light and makes it even brighter.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

Every color is possible

The color of the Lightpanels can be selected using a remote control. It is even possible to accurately reproduce the colors on the RGB scale.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

In reference to silver jewelry, the counter was inlaid with chromed metal slats. “This required very close collaboration and consultation with the metal manufacturer,” remembers Szak. The location of the metal support and the drill holes and the subsequent position of each metal ridge had to be digitally designed and implemented precisely so that the rails of the support would later cover the joints of the Lightpanels.

The craftsmanship paid off because the Lightpanels and the reflective chrome plates mutually complement each other’s effect. The colors of the Lightpanels transition smoothly into the metal thanks to the reflection in the plates. At the same time, the metallic reflection increases the luminosity of the Lightpanels.

True craftsmanship

The even light effect was an important design element and was also intended to remain consistent around the corners without leaving a shadow or using joints. What sounds simple, led Szak to the edge of physics: “It is a law of nature that light travels in straight lines – it is scientifically impossible to bend light. Therefore, we had to come up with a very special solution for the corners that only functioned with perfectly milled joints and a special adhesive.”

The result appeared to defy every law of nature since the one-of-a-kind reception desk gives the impression that a consistent light beam travels around the corner at a right angle. “It is a big advantage of ACRYLITE® that it can be milled with 100-percent precision and distributes the light completely homogeneously in the miters. Otherwise this solution would probably not have been possible,” explains Szak.

Bending light around corners

Light only travels in straight lines? Not anymore! The corner solutions made of Lightpanel frameless with ACRYLITE® Satinice create the impression that light can travel at right angles around corners.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

From illuminated to illuminating

The extravagant design of the reception desk continues in the adjacent foyer. Here, the balcony railings of the upper floors were also fitted with the elegant combination of light panels and chrome coating. Both the railings and the reception desk, as well as a smaller counter at the back of the building can be set to any desired color in a fraction of a second using a remote control. In synchronous colors or in different colors, a new ambiance can be created over and over again or the trend colors of the current jewelry collection can be used.

A stylistically successful presentation of elegance and extravagance, which does justice to the jewelry collection by Thomas Sabo.

The best way to shine using ACRYLITE®

The railings of the balconies in the foyer are also finished in the same combination of ACRYLITE®, light and chrome.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

Small but spectacular

At the back of the building, the twin desk of the "big sister" is found in the foyer. It too shines from a mixture of homogeneous light and reflective metal plates.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

Ray of light

The light shining from the exclusive desk in the foyer can be seen from far away.

© axis GmbH & Co. KG

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