Calculation for Uniform Loads

Calculate the estimated thickness of ACRYLITE® acrylic required to support a uniform pressure load over a rectangular flat plate. The calculator assumes simply four-sided supported edges and small deflections.


  1. Sheet is simply supported on all four edges.
  2. Load is uniformly distributed over entire sheet.
  3. Dimensions are open area; do not include supported areas.
  4. Max allowable continuous stress < tensile strength to prevent stress crazing and creep failure.
  5. Results most accurate for deflections less than half of the sheet thickness. Request the Extended Calculator at the bottom of this page for additional Technical References.

Request extended calculation

Please fill out the form below to request an Excel version of the Uniform Load Calculator. The Excel version provides a Technical Reference for the calculations and can be printed for project records. It can also calculate the thickness requirements of additional products like ACRYLITE® Resist 45.



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