IAPD Article - Selecting a signage substrate

February 27, 2023


Selecting a substrate for high-end permanent sign faces

It’s no secret that the number of choices can be overwhelming to even the most educated consumers. Even those looking to select a substrate for their signage needs can easily fall into choice paralysis as there are numerous options. Sign makers can choose from acrylic, polycarbonate, corrugated polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum and more, but the fact is that not all these materials are suitable for cost-effective, quality signage solutions. However, acrylic has proved its worth to many sign manufacturers...

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December 7, 2022

Röhm has agreed to acquire the Functional Forms business of SABIC, subject to customary consultation with the respective works councils and approval of the antitrust authorities. Röhm thereby adds Polycarbonate sheets and films to its existing range of PMMA sheets and films, further expanding its leading positions as a value-added partner for its customers across a wide range of applications.

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Roehm America LLC Partners with Yorston & Associates

September 22, 2022

Roehm America LLC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Yorston & Associates as part of our channel to market strategy. Yorston & Associates, is a prominent voice in the sign industry with over 35 years of proven knowledge and an established presence in the sign market. The addition of the ACRYLITE® acrylic signage products to Yorston’s portfolio ensures the specification of the ACRYLITE® brand which increases our footprint within the signage industry and solidifies Yorston & Associates as the all-in-one signage solution partner. This extended channel to market approach will also benefit our large network of distribution partners who will continue to play a vital role in the supply chain.  

Cannabis Business Times - How ACRYLITE® Greenhouse Coverings Can Help Cannibis Cultivators

July 7, 2021

Ask the Experts: Greenhouse Coverings

David Morrison, technical services engineer at Roehm America, details how his company's greenhouse coverings can help cannabis cultivators.

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Greenhouse Management Publication: Cover up what you value

September 28, 2021

Time to Upgrade - Greenhouse coverings

Sibylle Viz of Roehm explains the importance of upgrading your greenhouse coverings.

The whole idea behind a greenhouse is that the plants are indoors and covered, so whatever material a grower is using to cover their greenhouse is crucial. Since indoor plants aren’t in direct sunlight, it’s important for a grower to use a greenhouse covering that allows a sufficient amount of sunlight to enter through the covering and into the greenhouse. But, if you haven’t updated your own greenhouse covering in a while, you could be missing out on some of that precious sunlight that’s supposed to be coming in through the roof.

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Roehm Partners with FourKites to Offer Customers Unprecedented Real-Time Visibility into Shipments

October 4, 2021

Partnership provides chemical leader’s customers with state-of-the-art technology to optimize production and minimize impact of supply chain disruptions

CHICAGO — FourKites®, the world’s leading real-time supply chain visibility platform, and Roehm, one of the world’s leading suppliers of methacrylate chemicals, today announced that Roehm customers now have access to FourKites’ superior real-time tracking and analytics capabilities for shipments across the US and Canada. Roehm’s chemical products are used by the world’s top manufacturers in automotive, aviation, construction, consumer electronics and healthcare. Roehm chose FourKites based on its leading network of Global 1000 companies and third-party logistics firms; its superior multimodal, end-to-end capabilities; its track record of customer-driven innovation and customization; and its unmatched ability to bring together internal and ecosystem stakeholders to collaborate on supply chain optimization.

Today’s announcement marks the completion of phase one of Roehm’s rollout of the FourKites platform, which Roehm views as core to its commitment to providing a premier customer experience.

The partnership provides Roehm customers with the ability to view and track their orders in real time, and receive regular, precise, predictive ETAs over every part of their shipment’s journey and across every mode of transport. By leveraging FourKites’ trusted platform and data, Roehm customers can now tap a powerful new capability that is critical to optimizing manufacturing lines, production schedules, labor and many other facets of their operations — particularly during a time of near-constant supply chain disruption.

“Our customers are manufacturing many of the world’s most essential and indispensable products, and the economic impact of disruptions in supply can be significant,” said Jack Chenault, Regional President Americas at Roehm. “With the launch of FourKites, we are providing our customers with a premier experience and the highest levels of service, across all of our business lines. We were thrilled with the speed and quality of FourKites’ implementation, and we look forward to building more enhancements in the future.”

Roehm joins a rapidly growing roster of leading chemical industry players, including Dow, Olin and Eastman, which leverage FourKites to help them better manage a spectrum of inbound and outbound challenges — from improving on-time deliveries and streamlining labor, to managing safety stock and reducing dwell at plants. Over the last year, FourKites has seen 63% growth of its Chemical & Plastics customers.

“The chemicals industry has a unique set of logistics requirements that range from security and compliance, to avoiding line shutdowns, advancing sustainability goals and beyond,” said FourKites founder and CEO Mathew Elenjickal. “Working with Roehm and leveraging our significant experience in their industry, we were able to rapidly customize the platform to suit Roehm’s needs and provide their customers with a seamless real-time visibility experience.”

About FourKites

FourKites® is the #1 supply chain visibility platform in the world, extending visibility beyond transportation into yards, warehouses, stores and beyond. Tracking more than 2 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel and courier, and reaching 176 countries, FourKites combines real-time data and powerful machine learning to help companies digitize their end-to-end supply chains. More than 620 of the world’s most recognized brands — including 9 of the top-10 CPG and 18 of the top-20 food and beverage companies — trust FourKites to transform their business and create more agile, efficient and sustainable supply chains. To learn more, visit https://www.fourkites.com/.

About Röhm

With 3,500 employees and 15 production sites worldwide, Röhm is one of the leading manufacturers in the methacrylate business. The medium-sized company with branches in Germany, China, the USA, Russia, and South Africa has more than 80 years of experience in methacrylate chemistry and a strong technology platform. Our best-known brands include PLEXIGLAS®, ACRYLITE®, MERACRYL™, DEGALAN®, DEGAROUTE® and CYROLITE®.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) products from Röhm are sold on the European, Asian, African and Australian continent under the registered trademarks PLEXIGLAS® and PLEXIMID®, in the Americas under the registered trademarks ACRYLITE® and ACRYMID®.