ACRYLITE® Soundstop Ready Fit Barrier System

Fully fabricated framed panel assemblies can be easily combined with or substituted for precast panel systems. Results in an attractive, cost effective solution for visibility and noise abatement problems.

  • Complete frame and panel assembly for an “off-the-shelf” turnkey-solution.
  • Easily inserted where needed in a standard sound wall.

Features & benefits

One big benefit is their lightweight quality which means many more Ready Fit panels can be delivered in one shipment versus heavier concrete panels.

Barriers system may utilize the following ACRYLITE® Soundstop noise barrier panels:

  • ACRYLITE® Soundstop GS
  • ACRYLITE® Soundstop GS CC
  • ACRYLITE® Soundstop XT
  • ACRYLITE® Soundstop XT with BirdGuard