ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) is the highest quality continuously manufactured sheet on the market today. Our Premium (FF) sheet is a lightweight, rigid, and weather-resistant thermoplastic that is dimensionally stable in maintaining its form, resistant to breakage and can be easily fabricated and cemented. Premium (FF) products provide tight thickness tolerances, preventing visible distortions and inconsistencies in fabricated parts and low stress levels for better mechanical strength, pliability and durability.


  • highly weatherable
  • BPA free
  • exceptional optical clarity
  • industry leading 30 year warranties

Features & benefits

ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) extruded acrylic has 10-20 times more impact strength than glass and can withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, saltwater spray, and more. Our Premium (FF) sheet outperforms other plastics in terms of yellowing, coarseness, and brittleness. We offer unrivaled 30-year warranties against yellowing.

ACRYLITE® acrylic has gained wide acceptance as a glass replacement in numerous applications, including window glazing, signage, shelving, furniture, and more. Discover why acrylic is an excellent alternative to glass: acrylic vs glass.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting ACRYLITE® Acrylic Sheet

Follow these tips provided by our technical team on how to properly clean ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet.