ACRYLITE® Premium (FF) is the highest quality continuously manufactured sheet on the market today. Using a proprietary, innovative process, our premium sheet products are economical, provide tight thickness tolerance, high optical characteristics, and low stress levels. Our Premium (FF) sheet is a lightweight, rigid, and weather-resistant thermoplastic that is dimensionally stable, resistant to breakage and can be easily fabricated and cemented.

  • weather resistance
  • available in a variety of standard sizes, thicknesses, and colors
  • economical, provides tight thickness tolerance and high optical characteristics
  • superior performance with any light: LED, neon, fluorescent, incandescent or daylight

Features & benefits

It has 10-20x's more impact strength than glass. If subjected to impact beyond the limit of its resistance, it does not shatter into small slivers, but breaks into comparatively large pieces.

Our Premium (FF) sheet will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, salt water spray, etc. ACRYLITE® has been widely accepted for use in school buildings, industrial plants, and outdoor signs.

Other popular applications include: sneeze guards, distance applications, displays, shelving, furniture, shelving, desk protectors, window glazing such as garage door & storm replacement windows.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting ACRYLITE® Acrylic Sheet

Follow these tips provided by our technical team on how to properly clean ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet.