Bonding two pieces of ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet together has never been so easy than when using ACRIFIX® adhesives and auxiliaries. With a variety of options, you are sure to find the right solution for your needs, whether that be achieving rapid drying speed or a high strength bond. There’s also a solution for reducing static charges with the help of an anti-static cleaner.

Cementing with ACRIFIX®

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ACRIFIX® reactive cements

ACRIFIX® reactive adhesives work great for projects where a quality bond is needed, typically in applications such as museum cases, lighting and aquariums. The bonds created are extremely high strength and leave a bubble-free joint.

ACRIFIX® solvent cements

The advantages of ACRIFIX® solvent adhesives lie in the rapid drying speed of the bonded parts as well as their suitability for outdoor use. With this super thin formula, you can expect a fast-acting bond that's less labor intensive while still providing a nice strong joint.

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ACRIFIX® cleaners

ACRIFIX® AC 1010 anti-static cleaner is formulated to cut static charge from sensitive surfaces. By dissolving and neutralizing static, this will allow applied areas to become dust free and stay clean longer.

ACRIFIX® cement accessories

Proper cementing of acrylic sheet is a vital step in fabricating museum quality vitrines and display cases. ACRIFIX® MO 2080 Modifier was developed specifically to meet the need of high optical quality, two-component cement joints.

ACRIFIX® TC 0030 is a clear, thin-bodied liquid used to adjust the viscosity of the adhesive. It is also used to prepare the area to be bonded, making it receptive to the adhesive which creates a stronger bond.

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